2017 Winter Carnival Orchid Show

2017 Winter Carnival Orchid Show

Now in its 43nd year, the Winter Carnival Orchid Show has become the premier winter event for orchid lovers throughout the Midwest, attended by nearly 5,000 orchid enthusiasts. Perhaps in response to those long cold winters, Minnesotans are avid plants-men and women and welcome the chance to see and purchase something out of the ordinary.

It is the desire of the Show Committee to present orchids to the public in a way that takes full advantage of the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory setting, capturing the imagination and transporting show goers far away from frigid Minnesota–for a little while at least!

Orchid plants and orchid-related items will be for sale from the following vendors: Arnold J. Klehm Growers, Inc, Deerwood Orchids, Ingram’s Better Orchid Books, Mans Farms, Natt’s Orchids, Orchids Limited, Ten Shin Gardens (DIRECT FROM TAIWAN). NEW vendors this year are Iowa Orchids, New World Orchids and aMaySing Imports!

This year we are letting the public vote on the best Winter Carnival themed display via Facebook. So stop by and place your vote!

Cost $5 for adults
$1.00 off with Winter Carnival Button
Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/orchidsocietyofminnesota

Visit our society website at www.orchidsocietyofminnesota.com

With Gratitude,

Michael Dyda
General Chair




In 1978, Alan and Cheryl Koch opened Koch Orchids in Newbury Park, CA. They concentrated on orchids that could grow outdoors in CA and some Cattleyas. Soon the Cattleyas became the major interest, and more space was needed. in 1985 Koch orchids became Gold Country Orchids in Lincoln, California. With 16,000 sq feet and 3 climate zones they have plenty of room for all their lovely plants.
Alan will speak on “Superb Sarcochilus for Everyone”
No member sales, Pre-orders welcome (discount!)

Advanced Windowsill Growing w/Helen Hersh

** Pre orders welcome **



For about 9 years I grew on windowsills in Brooklyn, specializing in Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums. I also loved species and found some wonderful ones that will grow in the home on a window or under lights or in a GREENHOUSE. I am delighted to offer my favorites.  If you grow in the home let us help by making some suggestions.


Helen Hersh
P.O. Box 3235
Brooklyn, New York 11202

Telephone inquiries are also welcome:
(908) 753-4846

Click Here to See Our 2016 Price List
and Bulbophylum List!


May 1998, just before we moved I received a HCC on a Paphiopedilum hookerae, and a HCC on a Paph. Macabre at the N.E. Judging center. Proving windowsill growers can get AOS awards!

     In February 1998 an FCC on Phragmipedium Living Fire
     In June 1999 we received an AM on a Phrag. Sorcerer’s Apprentice ‘Lothar’.
     In 2002 Paph. Diane Vickery HCC/AOS, Bulbophyllum Stellis CHM/AOS, Paraphalenopsis laycockii HCC/AOS CCM/AOS, Masdevallia infracta alba CHM/AOS, Bulbophyllum micholitzii CHM/AOS.

     In 2003 Paph. moquettianum AM/AOS.
     In 2007, an AM on Phrag. Kelly Nash ‘Rothschild’
     In 2009, an AM on Paph. Misty Dell ‘Rothschild’
     In 2015, Paph. Delrosi ‘Sookies Red Wings’ AM/AOS, Dimorphorchis rossii ‘Rothschild’ AM/AOS.

Temperature Tolerant, Low light Vandas

Temperature Tolerant, Low light Vandas

Martin Motes will speak on “Temperature Tolerant, Low light Vandas” and show off some of his dozens of new hybrids Saturday April 16th, 1PM, @ Bachman’s on Lyndale in Mpls

Plants will be for sale “No member Sales”

Pre-order from the website www.motesorchids.com and get free shipping . We’ll also include a bonus plant with each pre-order regardless of size.

Site:  www.motesorchids.com
Order Deadline: Tuesday, April 12th

Phrag Hybrids : How To Grow Them w/ Glen Decker

Phrag Hybrids: How to Grow Them

Glen Decker began growing orchids at the age of 15 and holds the degree of Associate in Applied Science in Ornamental Horticulture. Glen is presently the owner of Piping Rock Orchids in Galway New York. He was the previous chair of the American Orchid Society’s Publications Committee and a past Director of the Orchid Digest Corporation.  Glen has won numerous AOS awards, including the Butterworth Prize, Nax Trophy, WW Wilson Award and the Carlyle A. Luer Award.  He has appeared in Martha Stewart’s Better Living Magazine and on a PBS TV special “Orchid Delirium”.  He rewrote the Slipper section of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s “The Best Orchids for Indoors” and was the technical editor for the “Orchids for Dummies” book.  He also has written many articles on Paphiopedilums and Phragmipedium, which have been published worldwide.
He loves pre orders. He has plants for sale. Therefore, NO MEMBER SALES


August Monthly Speaker – Harry Gallis – Mini Cattleyas

August Monthly Speaker – Harry Gallis – Mini Cattleyas

Dr. Harry Gallis has been growing orchids since 1980, and currently has about 380 plants. The largest groups are Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis and Dendrobiums, the latter being his current passion. His plants have received 41 AOS awards, and, says Harry, “I very much enjoy growing plants for shows and awards — I’m after the crystal!” He entered the AOS judging program in 1991, and is an Accredited Judge and Past Chair of the Carolinas Judging Center in Greensboro, NC. He is a life member of the Triangle Orchid Society, and belongs or has belonged to most of the societies in his region (he is currently most active in Triangle and North Carolina Piedmont in Charlotte [NCPOS]). Harry has chaired local shows, an EOC/AOS Trustees Meeting, and the Spring Show for NCPOS, in which he continues to exhibit, “always gunning for the Show Trophy.”

Harry is a native of Athens, Georgia, and his profession is medicine. “I did most of my training at Duke and specialized in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases … which, by the way, has not helped him much with the pests in his greenhouse!” Other hobbies (“fortunately not as expensive or consuming as orchids”) include gardening of all sorts (“roots or not — his greenhouse has the largest collection of cultivars of Tillandsia usneoides outside of the state of Florida”). He also enjoys cooking (his son is a chef in Durham, NC), Duke basketball, and golf. Harry and his wife, Susie, have two children and two granddaughters Taylor (“see namesake Rlc. Lisa Taylor Gallis ‘Taylor’ HCC/AOS) and Savannah (Dendrobium Linc’s Jewel ‘Savannah Hope’ HCC/AOS). His other favorite plants are Rlc. Susie’s Valentine ‘Harry’s Favorite’ AM/AOS, named for his wife and Den. Alex Gallis for his son (his first personal hybrid to win and AOS award).

He originally joined the AOS committee structure in 1996, on the Education Committee. Shortly after Harry became Chair of the Carolinas Judging Center in 1999, he was asked to take on the position of national training coordinator, and was involved in the daunting task of trying to produce a revised training manual for the AOS judging system. He currently serves as Chair of the Judging Committee and is also a member of Governance and Publications.

Orchids of Peru – May 23 Speaker – Manny Aybar

Orchids of Peru – May 23 Speaker – Manny Aybar

orchids of peru

Our May Speaker is Manny Aybar, who will speak on “Orchids of Peru”

Manuel Aybar works in the Technology Industry. He is originally from the Dominican Republic (A grower’s paradise, as he describes it). He has been growing orchids for approximately 19 years. The genus that got him started was Dendrobium in which he specializes (phalaenopsis-type).

Member of the American Orchid Society since 1997 and the Greater North Texas Orchid Society since 2000. Manuel Aybar is an Accredited Judge of the American Orchid Society Judging program. His current research includes the orchids of the Dominican Republic, for which he has gone in numerous orchid collecting trips back to his home country. He has been extensively involved in the judging of many shows around the US, including the Miami International Orchid Show and most of the southwest region (SWROGA) shows (New Orleans OS, Baton Rouge OS, Shreveport OS, Greater North Texas OS, Fort Worth OS, Oklahoma OS, and Arkansas). He has also served as an international judge for Orchid Shows in Taiwan (TOGA 2010,2011), Peru, Costa Rica, as well as the World Orchid Conference in Singapore (2011).

He is affiliated with the Southwest Regional Orchid Growers Association (SWROGA), and within this association he belongs to the publications committee and serves as the Webmaster for the organization’s web site. He has given several Orchid Seminars and Potting classes at Smith and Hawkins, North Haven Gardens, and other popular gardening stores. He offered a series of orchid workshops for Range Rover, US as a part of the Land Rover Destination Tour. He is a regular lecturer for the local orchid societies and visiting speaker for societies around the country.

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