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This tour highlights local members’ growing spaces.

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Participate in several orchid shows through out the year.

Membership has its perks !

Just imagine with your membership to the orchid society all the many things you will gain. A few things you will gain is new friendships. Plus the benefit of learning new things about orchid very month. Each month the society either features an out of town guest speaker or our very own members’ will present an educational talk.

Orchid Shows

Our two LARGEST orchid shows is The Winter Carnival Orchid Show and The State Fair Orchid Show. Visit Us !

Building new friendships and community

We here at the orchid society enjoy welcoming new members to the group. Through our community outreach in doing orchid shows throughout the year; we build new lifetime friendships. In the picture below we had the honor to visit with one of many of the founding members’ of the orchid society at the 2014 Winter Carnival Orchid Show. It was a small orchid reunion of sorts !

New Friendships

Enjoy new friendships amongst other orchid enthusiasts.

Annual Bus Trip

Experience a world of orchids and friendships on our annual bus trip !

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