Plant Table

 Consider Participating in the Plant Table!
 The New and Improved Plant Table!
 New and Improved Because YOU Are Bringing Your Plants!

Yes, we’re hoping that this year, EVERYBODY will decide to participate in the monthly Plant Table.  We’re all in this Society because we love our orchids, so why not consider bringing them in and showing them off to your fellow members?  It’s really quite easy!  All you have to do is carefully gather up your blooming plant, or plants, each month and bring them in by 12:30.  Fill in a tag with their name and yours, a yellow tag if your plant is a hybrid and a green tag if it is a species.  Then place your plant in it’s most appropriate category on the table.  Don’t know if your plant is a hybrid or a species?  Not a problem, we will be there to help you!  Not sure where to put it on the table?  No worries, we’ll help you with that too!

 Once your plant is in place on the table, your work is through and it’s time to sit back and enjoy the meeting and visiting with your fellow orchid enthusiasts.  Unless, of course, you’d like to get up close and personal with all the plants, in which case you’re welcome to assist us in judging. Again, just let us know and we’d be happy to have your participation!  Judging begins at 12:30 and a winner is selected from each category.  There is also an overall Hybrid of the Month and Species of the Month.

 In addition to all the fun of being part of the Plant Table and the pride in showing off your orchids, you will be rewarded with points for bringing in a plant.  You will receive 5 points just for bringing in a plant, or two, or three, or more.  No matter how many you bring, you get a total of 5 points per month for participation. 

Then, if your plant wins a category, you will receive an additional 5 points.  If you are lucky enough to win Hybrid of the Month or Species of the Month, it’s an additional 10 points.  What could be easier?  You grew it, you flowered it, now why not show it off?  At the end of the year, in June 2018, the points for each participating member are added up and the top winners receive cash prizes.  Just think, even more money to buy orchids!

 But, to make it even more fun, this year, we’ve decided to offer an extra incentive for you to participate in the Plant Table.  Every month, we keep track of the plants that are brought in and who brings them.

We’ve noticed that, while the number of people bringing plants in is going up all the time, we aren’t seeing everybody’s plants.  And we want to!  We really, really want to!  So, we’re challenging each and every member of the Orchid Society of Minnesota to bring in at least one blooming plant for the Plant Table between August 2017 and June 2018.  Not only will your plant be admired by all, but you will be rewarded at the August 2018 meeting with a very special prize, just for bringing at least one plant in!  Wow!  What could be easier?

 So, the challenge has been issued and it’s up to you to accept it by showing up with your plants each month!  Thanks for participating and we look forward to seeing you, and your plants, at the next meeting!

 Ross Hella and Linda Sizer