Speakers' Corner

Monthly Speaker – March 21, 2015

Speakers’ Corner 12 minutes each!

Julie Hella will demonstrate Mounting Orchids

Matt Pfeiffer will speak on Fragrant Orchids​

Stan Smith will speak on RePotting in Moss

Bob Walsh will speak on water Acid/base testing

“One will offer water testing for Total Dissolved Solids and PH (acidity/alkalinity, acid/base) of your water if you bring a sample to the meeting. Bring a sample of the water you use for watering your orchids and another sample of the water after you have added fertilizer to the strength you normally use. Water samples should be in a clean container and be of about ½ cup.

Practical fun!

…coming in April “Roots, It’s all About the Roots” John Salventi, PhD, World Traveller,Experienced Orchid Professional

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