The Wild Orchid is one of the Most Stunning and Unique Flowers You Can Buy

With their unique look and style of growth, the wild orchid is simply a wonderful flower that everyone should own. One of the most amazing things about the wild orchid is the amazing variety of species, each with its own beautiful shape and coloring. When you are provided with such an incredible selection of wonderful plants, it can be difficult to choose the right one, but you should remember to first choose based on whether or not the plant will grow in your garden. Following this, you should pick your plant by how well you like the shape, smell and coloring of its flowers.

One of the most classically popular wild orchid varieties is the Ladys Slipper. This type of flowering plant comes in several different varieties which range mostly in size of the flower and coloring. According to experts, the snowy version of the Ladys Slipper is widely regarded as the most beautiful. Generally, the flowers measure in at three inches in diameter and are colored in either pink, purple or maroon with white blended in here and there to add some distinctness. At full growth, this wild orchid plant can reach about two feet as its maximum height.

A more classically shaped wild orchid can be found in the Calanthe variety of orchids. The flowers from these orchids are shaped more like your classic flower and can range in a massive variety of colors. They produce more flowers per stalk than the LadyĆ­s Slipper and are able to grow in a wide variety of climates provided you do not let them get hit by the frost in the winter months.

Perhaps the most unique wild orchid variety is the White Egret. This orchid originated in Asia and has become a big hit in the United States. Its unique look makes it feel like a bird in flight, and the plant is only available with white flowers. A fully mature flowering spike can have up to ten flowers and can reach a maximum height of sixteen inches.

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